The 78-story condo tower rising at corner of Yonge Street and Gerrard Street, soon to be the tallest residential building in Canada, is named:

Long before completion of the 985-unit condo tower, a Hardcandy fitness club opened in the tower’s retail base, an outpost of the fitness franchise launched by:

The Pantone Color Institute, which sets global standards for colour use in mass-market apparel and other consumer products, has just named (?) as its color of the year for 2014.

Of course, you remember that this year’s Pantone color is:

As it happens, 2014’s official color – associated with “creativity and originality,” says Pantone – has long been favoured by (?) whose wardrobe is said by some industry observers to have influenced Pantone’s decision.

Despite the increasing girth and weight of North American flyers, airline seats are shrinking, from an average 46 cm. across to 43 cm., so that airlines can cram more paying customers onto their planes. According to a survey commissioned by aircraft maker Airbus SA, which is campaigning for an industry standard of 46 cm-seats for long-haul flights rather than “jeopardizing passenger comfort” and losing customers, adults sleep up to (?) better when travelling in the larger 46-cm seats.

Minneapolis-based Target Corp., largest of the rivals to Wal-Mart Stores Inc., blames its near 50 per cent drop in third-quarter profits on its disappointing results in its first international expansion, into (?) a market it disparages as having skinflint consumers, when by industry consensus the problem is that Target failed to do its homework in its first non-U.S. foray.

Average credit-market debt amassed by Canadians, including mortgages, has jumped as a percentage of disposable income to a record (?) in the third quarter.

With Japan still recovering from a crash in overheated real estate and equity markets more than two decades ago, it’s disturbing that real estate prices are at record highs in (?) of the largest cities in China, world’s second-largest economy, where a real-estate bust would cause global damage.

In December, which U.S. city became the largest to have its bankruptcy application accepted in court?

Match the incoming CEOs with their employers.

Laurent Potdevin

Mary Barra

Bharat Masrani

David McKay

Brian Porter

Mary Barra was chosen over three highly qualified male candidates because:

U.S. President Barack Obama’s nomination of economist Janet Yellen to head the U.S. Federal Reserve Board will put women in charge of the world’s two most powerful financial institutions for the first time. The other is

Stephen Harper passed over Tiff Macklem, long-time #2 at the Bank of Canada and a 29-year veteran of the Bank well-known to central bankers worldwide, in favour of (?) to replace outgoing Mark Carney.

The new Bank governor, plucked from the Export Development Corp., was selected by Harper in part to use the Bank governor’s post to promote Canadian exports, which is not part of a central bank’s role of controlling inflation and promoting GDP growth. To crack and expand export markets – an intensely political, not bureaucratic, task - Canada already has at its disposal

After a diplomatic interval, Macklem said in December he will leave the Bank of Canada halfway through his seven-year term to:

Speaking of Mark Carney, the former Bank of Canada governor now heading the Bank of England, recently told U.S. interviewer Charlie Rose that, contrary to popular wisdom, austerity in the U.S.

Match the person with the employer he has parted ways with or soon will.

Cofounder and chairman Chip (“Loose Cannon”) Wilson

Cofounder and chairman Peter Munk

Cofounder and CEO Andrew Mason

Cofounder and CEO Mark Pincus

CEO Thorsten Heins

CEO Ronald Johnson

CEO Robert McDonald

Chairman Paul Godfrey

Regarding a debacle over unintended see-through pants at his stores that prompted a “career-eliminating comment” from this individual, (?) could have blamed suppliers, designers or himself for green-lighting the ill-fated goods, but instead suggested it was a matter of women’s body shapes, saying: “Quite frankly some women’s bodies just actually don’t work for it. It’s really about the rubbing through the thighs, how much pressure is there.”

In November, H.J. Heinz Co. of Pittsburgh announced the closing of its plant employing more than 740 workers in

In December, Kellogg Co. of Michigan announced the closing of a plant that employs 565 workers in

Kellogg, recipient of more than $10 million in Ontario taxpayer grants and low-interest loans in return for promising to create jobs, last year posted global profits of

The December decision by California-based Cisco Systems Inc., a giant in telecom network equipment, to create as many as 1,700 jobs in downtown Toronto, Scarborough and Ottawa in exchange for as much as $220 million in Ontario government works out to how much taxpayer money per job Cisco promises to create?

Christine McCain, former wife of Michael McCain, controlling shareholder of Maple Leaf Foods Inc., was awarded record-sized support payments of a monthly (?) in Ontario Superior Court.

Former U.K. advertising titan Charles Saatchi, captured by a paparzzo’s camera reaching across a restaurant table to squeeze his wife’s throat – an incident Saatchi later dismissed as a “playful tiff” – has since separated from wife (?) and police have filed an “assault caution” against Saatchi.

Asked how he could sleep at night after one of his company’s trains exploded in Lac Mégantic, Que., killing 47 people and destroying the resort town’s economic mainstay tourist district, Chicago-based railway owner Edward Burkhardt said:

Steve Ballmer’s August announcement that he is stepped down as CEO at the Microsoft Corp. he has spent 33 years helping run caused company stock to

Microsoft stock has lost 36 per cent of its value during Ballmer’s tenure. The market’s reaction to his forthcoming departure caused his 330 million shares in the company, or about 4 per cent of the total shares, to (?) bringing his fortune to $19 billion.

Back in 2007, Ballmer said of what product introduced that year by rival Apple Inc. that there is “no chance that [it] is going to get any significant market share”?

After less than a two-year tenure in which conditions at the firm he was hired to turn around only worsened, fired CEO Thorsten Heins will receive a severance package worth a reported

Match the buyers with the takeover targets.

Loblaw Cos. Ltd.

BCE Inc.

U.S. buyout firm Bain Capital, former Mitt Romney employer

Which coupling below, consummated this year, consolidates the U.S. airline industry into just three giant players?

According to a survey commissioned by online video giant Netflix, the percentage of subscribers streaming its content who routinely “binge-watch,” or view between two and six episodes of a TV series in one sitting, is:

A big reason growth in broadband subscribers hasn’t kept pace with cancelled cable subscriptions, cable operators are learning, is

To celebrate the 40th anniversary this year of Toronto-based apparel marketer Roots Canada, cofounders and former Michiganders Michael Budman and Don Green, among other things,

Which future mogul born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but later losing his considerable fortune, this year launched a talk show on Moses Znaimer’s Vision TV cable channel aimed at Baby Boomers, whose retirement worries he believes he can relate to, saying, “Ten years of persecution hasn’t really affected my standard of living that much, but my net worth has declined, so I’m in rebuild mode at an age when most people are retiring.”

Sensing that the endorsement of an ex-con might conceivably help a cause, Conrad Black emerged as a defender of